HP 2108A key

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On Tue, 16 Jan 2018, Tim Riker via cctalk wrote:

> On 09/21/2017 08:52 AM, Fred Cisin via cctalk wrote:
>> On Thu, 21 Sep 2017, Mike Loewen via cctalk wrote:
>>>   Mike Thompson at the RICM is going to look for a number on the key
>>> for their 2108A, this weekend.
>> Ask if he can snap a few good close-up pictures of it.  While
>> measurement from a picture isn't reliable, it doesn't have to be, if the
>> picture is clear enough to decide whether a given cut is a 2 cut or a 3
>> cut.
> Did this get resolved? I have an HP-2108A with key as pictured here:
> https://rikers.org/gallery/hardware-hp2108a/20050415_132446

    Yes, it did.  Dennis Boone has the techninal details.

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Subject: Re: HP 2108A key

  > I received a key that was made based on the Chicago Lock H2007 key in
  > Christian's picture:

  > It works!

  > I've asked our resident keymaster to post any specifications needed
  > to duplicate this key.

The key is an H2007.  This is one of the Chicago double-sided types.
The keyblank is an Ilco 1041G, aka CG1, which looks like this:


Note that there are other similar blanks in which the center land is
offset one way or the other, but on this one it's centered.

One easy way to get one is on ebay: H2007 is one of the relatively
common numbers, once used in alarms or elevators or some such.  Most
real locksmiths (i.e. not the key booth at Ace or Home Despot) will have
the means to originate such a key, and can work from "Chicago
double-sided H2007 CG1".  Many of said serious locksmiths will want you
to prove you own the lock.  I think I remember hearing that Jay carried
one of his HP minis into such a place once... ;)


The tricky bit to cutting them is that when Chicago designed them, they
developed several hundred unique curves instead of a set of numbered cut
depths.  However, manufacturers of numerical key machines have worked it
out, probably by pretending there are a large number of cut positions.

There are two ways these days to originate one: copy the appropriate
master key (they come in sets from whoever now owns Chicago, or used
from ebay occasionally) onto the appropriate blank; or use a numerically
controlled key machine.

I can originate most of these Chicago keys from my set of masters, if
people are stuck.  I think I can also produce the 4T1427 panel lock key,
and with a little testing the tubular XX2946, XX2247, XX2065 (since we
have cut depths for these).  I've been trying to get to the point where
I can produce most ccmp related keys, and am interested in expanding
that capability, if people have needs or additional data.


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