Cheap Analog PBX was: RE: Google, Wikipedia directly on ASCII terminal?

Ali cctalk at
Tue Jan 16 17:46:40 CST 2018

> Would this be a good job for the Viking Electronics DLE-300?
> It emulates a CO with a pair of POTS lines, so you can call from port
> to port on it. It emulates all of the correct tones and CPC, both
> modems think they are on POTS lines. Makes it very easy to connect a
> pair of modems back-to-back, and fwiw it supports data to 112,500.

You can pick up a cheap Chinese analog 8 port PBX on ePay for about $60. It will create dial tone, ring, etc. and allow you to call from "extension" to "extension" so you can even dial in and get a handshake tone. The only issue is that I don't believe they can be daisy chained so eight ports is your max and there is no way to connect one site to another (short of running very long wires).


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