Cheap Analog PBX was: RE: Google, Wikipedia directly on ASCII terminal?

Ali cctalk at
Tue Jan 16 18:37:22 CST 2018

> I would expect that such PBXs have a way to receiving incoming analog
> lines.  As such, I would expect that you could take an FXO (station)
> port on one PBX and connect it to the FXS (CO) port on the other PBX,
> and vice versa.

They do have access to outside lines (e.g. 9, number). However, I am not sure again if daisy chaining is possible. Reading the manual I could not find a way to change extension numbers so that even if you connected two units you still would have two sets of the same extensions. An email to the company support address, unsurprisingly, went unanswered. Do a search for sp-208M to see pictures and somewhat of a description.


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