HP 2108A key

Ed Sharpe couryhouse at aol.com
Wed Jan 17 04:08:11 CST 2018

Easier  just to order one  for   6 bucks off ebay. though!
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You know that one can always remove the pins from the lock and then any key of the right diameter will work. It won't be original but it will work.
Most any real lock smith can make a key for you if you give him the lock. The ones on the HPs are not that hard to remove.
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I never  found on ein the key stash.... I ordered  2  off  ebay....
 one to use...
 one to loose!
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  On Tue, 16 Jan 2018, Tim Riker via cctalk wrote:
 > Did this get resolved? I have an HP-2108A with key as pictured here:
 >  https://rikers.org/gallery/hardware-hp2108a/20050415_132446

 Nice pictures of a 2108A !
 But no pictures of the key, (which has been worked out)

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