Reviving ARPAnet

Lars Brinkhoff lars at
Wed Jan 17 08:26:53 CST 2018

Noel Chiappa wrote:
>> - Multics NCP has not been located.
> Really? It wasn't in the code dump at MIT?

I asked my Multics guy about it, and he said it was missing.  I don't
know about the code dump.

> I'm not sure a VMS machine was ever on the NCP ARPANet? So maybe they
> were front-ended somehow?

Yes, it could be.  I did look at some host tables.  Maybe it
was the AMES-11, but now I see it seems to have a PDP-11 frontend.

> There's a July '77 one at the end of this:
> and a January '79 copy of the MIT-SAIL one at the end here:


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