Sold on eBay: Convergent Technologies S/50 a.k.a. Unix PC, AT&T 3B1 Unix Workstation

Alan Perry aperry at
Wed Jan 17 13:02:01 CST 2018

Are you sure?

The B20, B21, B22 looked like this - - and 
nothing like the 3B1 or the S/50. The B25 and subsequent models (which 
are often referred to as B20s) are modular systems that are box-shaped 
and got wider as "slices" were added. The B20s were x86-based and the 
3B1 (and presumably the CT S/50) was 68k-based.


On 1/17/18 2:41 AM, Dominique Carlier via cctech wrote:
> It's interesting, I had exactly the same machine a long time ago, but 
> with a different label. It was a Burroughs B20 distributed by Unisys
> Dominique
> On 17/01/2018 06:45, AJ Palmgren via cctalk wrote:
>> Did it happen to be one of these older-style Convergent AWS machines?

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