Reviving ARPAnet

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Thu Jan 18 11:39:10 CST 2018

On 01/17/2018 11:33 AM, Noel Chiappa via cctalk wrote:
> This just a guess, but 'sort of'? It is TCP/IPv4, so it's got compatible 
> headers, but I don't know if other parts have changed enough to make it 
> not work.

Are you referring to the 802.3 Ethernet (vs Ethernet II) frame type that 
Frank mentioned?

> E.g. it probably only supports class A addresses, for instance, which 
> is going to influence the code for picking the first-hop router.

I was not aware that there was code that supported /only/ Class A (/8) 
addresses and /not/ Class B (/16) or Class C (/24) addresses.

I /thought/ that everything was either classful (as in supports all 
three classes: A, B, and C) or classless (as in supports CIDR).

Is my networking history missing something else?

Also, do any of the systems that people want to emulate have conflicting 
classful networks?  -  Read:  Were any of the systems that people want 
to emulate on the same classful network?

If all the systems that people want to emulate are on different classful 
networks, it should be relatively trivial to interconnect them.

> Also, the only driver is, IIRC, for an ARPANET interface.

Please clarify for this n00b what you mean by ARPANET interface?  Are 
you referring to host specific hardware that was used to communicate 
with an IMP?

Do the necessary emulators support the ARPANET interface?

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