New TestFDC Results Registry

william degnan billdegnan at
Thu Jan 18 15:17:19 CST 2018

Does someone have results for the Siliconsonic / Individual computers
Catweasel MK4 plus?  IF not I will put that on my list of to-do's.

I added a link to this onto my web site in the links section and the
archiving info thread.


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> > I'd been trying to reach Dave Dunfield with new TestFDC results since
> > apparently August with no results. So, I wrote a new TestFDC registry
> into
> > my site:
> >
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> Gaaaah, talk about the wrong timing for this XD. I say this because I just
> bought an AHA-1524CF on various folk’s recommendations (not from here) a
> couple of weeks ago only to find I still couldn’t really manipulate SSSD
> images then tonight I read a message on VCFED from our own Chuck Guzis
> saying there were two controller chips in the 1542CF (national and broken
> Intel) and I discovered I had a broken Intel one.
> I may have cussed.
> Typically all the AHA-1522s are in the US, sigh.
> Cheers,
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