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Adrian Graham binarydinosaurs at
Thu Jan 18 18:58:08 CST 2018

>> manipulate SSSD images then tonight I read a message on VCFED from
>> our own Chuck Guzis saying there were two controller chips in the
>> 1542CF (national and broken Intel) and I discovered I had a broken
>> Intel one.
>> I may have cussed.
> Perhaps all is not lost.  I'd have to go and look at my 1542CF, but I
> believe that I discovered that it uses either the Intel 82077 or the
> National PC8477 chip.

Yep, and that Intel broke the SSSD part of the FDC by adding tape support to the card.

> That being the case, if you're handy, you can simply replace the Intel
> chip with the National one.  They're pretty much pin-compatible (the NSC
> one requires a couple fewer external components).

I could, but I guess by the time I’ve sourced a replacement I might as well have bought an AHA-1522A instead, I have a couple of scouts out looking for them as we speak :) The 1522A is a full pass for TESTFDC.

> There are many other SCSI controllers that have decent FDCs.  I've had
> good luck with Ultrastor and Future Domain cards, for example.

I noticed a couple of boards on the list that I might’ve gone past in the ‘spare old boards’ box at work earlier and discounted because they were too ‘new’, an Asus one and Aopen one which are both Athlon based. They both do SSSD so it’s also an avenue worth pursuing.


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