GT-40 etc.

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sat Jan 20 07:34:33 CST 2018

    > From: Kyle Owen

    > A tenth the price of the Twiggy Lisa makes that auction look almost
    > affordable! Final price was $5600.

Yeah, whoever bought that got, IMO, a pretty good deal (as I predicted). It's
a fair amount of money, but they got a _ton_ of stuff (probably literally :-).

I mean, look what's included (with rough guesses as the value):

  $600	H960 rack
  $600	H960 rack
  $400	RK05 drive
  $600?	RK03 drive
  $700?	RK11-C controller
 $2000	PDP-8/F  
 $2000	PDP-11/05
  $??	GT40 display hardware
  $400	BA11-F with ?? inside
  %?	Teletype

Some of the things are so rare (e.g. the RK03 and RK11-C) I don't have any
comparables (RK11-D's go for $500 or so, FWTW); and on the GT40 I have no
idea whatsoever. (This one doesn't have the usual GT40 display, but a
rack-mounted VRxx?)

Still, it's pretty clear that whoever bought this got a deal. And I haven't
even included the packs ($30 each, another $900 or so), all the Grass analog
gear, etc, etc.


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