GT-40 etc.

Al Kossow aek at
Sun Jan 21 13:47:31 CST 2018

HP1311A is what was used in Galaxy Game

The actual GG controller is a microcoded 2903 bitslice that sits on the Unibus
Supposed to be similar to the VT-48

Didn't James build something (FPGA based?) to play the game?

On 1/21/18 10:48 AM, Guy Sotomayor Jr wrote:

> HP made some wonderful 17” and 19” electrostatic deflection vector displays.  We had a pile of them at
> CMU driven by a custom GDP (some had 10-bit DACs, some had 12-bit DACs) that was front-ended by
> a PDP-11 (usually an 11/20).  It was a *wonderful* combination!
> TTFN - Guy

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