Sun3 valuations?

jim stephens jwsmail at
Sun Jan 21 19:30:03 CST 2018

On 1/21/2018 2:47 PM, Kevin Bowling via cctalk wrote:
> I have some sun3/vme systems
> Several 3/60
> 3/260
> sparcstation 4/370
> SMD disk array for 3/260
> The 3/260 and 4/370 have some oddball boards for data (cosys) and
> video acquisition (Aviv).
> I also have some spare sparcstation 10s and 20s.
> I haven't seen sun3 stuff for sale much.  Does anyone know approximate
> valuations for tested systems?
> Regards,
> Kevin
I've got a 3/260 which was formerly owned by Rockwell here in Orange 
County, CA.  I got it from storage of a friend who was reducing clutter 
at a site so can't help with valuation.

It is the deskside unit which will be the Sun VME and VME adapter card 
they used equipped.  I've not opened it, but it may be a bit rangy.

I don't have any of the disk bricks, and am hoping that some fiddling 
will allow me to run something more modern than the sun scsi bricks if I 
do run them.  Not sure what you have.  This is the deskside unit, and 
I'm not sure if they had hard drives integrated. My system uses QIC 
tapes, and I've got some tape which were in the pile, but have low 
expectations any of them are good.  Storage was not optimized, and even 
with that QIC is seldom useful at this point.  Best hope will be 
recovery if I need to to boot the system.

I thin the 4x systems were supposed to have the Sparc first run 
processor, and the 3/xxx were to have 68000.  People could mix and match 
as could Sun.  I've owned and have running but long ago sold a 4/280 and 
had a couple of 3/280s, so have some experience.

The 4/280 had Fuji SMD drives and were nice, but horrible power hogs, so 
I sold them off as they were large and I couldn't afford to run and 
maintain them.   I'm curious where you are located, as my interest in 
this project is low, and you'd be welcome to try your project with 
anything I've got if you are going to restore them.

Contact me off list if you wish to discuss more.

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