Google, Wikipedia directly on ASCII terminal?

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Mon Jan 22 02:17:13 CST 2018

On 16 January 2018 at 09:19, Martin Meiner via cctech
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> It has always been my aim to be able toconnect a modem or an acoustic coupler directly to one of my ASCII terminals,dial a number and be connected…with Google!
> Something like Google-interface but convertedto match ASCII terminals (only text, very simple graphics).

Your question is nonsensical. An internet connection is an Internet
connection. What you run over it is up to you.

Whereas I doubt a '70s mini will have a text-mode browser such as
Lynx, Links or W3M, many will have TCP/IP. Just telnet to a Linux box
and run one of those, or something akin.

>From your question, I suspect you don't understand how TCP/IP and the
WWW work. You need to learn that first before you can do this. It's
not very hard or super-complex.

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