Google, Wikipedia directly on ASCII terminal?

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Mon Jan 22 08:44:11 CST 2018

Martin's question is not nonsensical, and I imagine he understands the
applicable networking concepts.

His goal is to replicate the original dialup user experience and add a
useful modern component - it's hard to justify keeping large machinery
around if it's only there to look at. By adding the Google part, even if
text-only, he can bring a bit of modern use to ancient but nostalgic


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> On 16 January 2018 at 09:19, Martin Meiner via cctech
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> > It has always been my aim to be able toconnect a modem or an acoustic
> coupler directly to one of my ASCII terminals,dial a number and be
> connected…with Google!
> >
> > Something like Google-interface but convertedto match ASCII terminals
> (only text, very simple graphics).
> Your question is nonsensical. An internet connection is an Internet
> connection. What you run over it is up to you.
> Whereas I doubt a '70s mini will have a text-mode browser such as
> Lynx, Links or W3M, many will have TCP/IP. Just telnet to a Linux box
> and run one of those, or something akin.
> From your question, I suspect you don't understand how TCP/IP and the
> WWW work. You need to learn that first before you can do this. It's
> not very hard or super-complex.
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