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On Mon, 22 Jan 2018, Pete Lancashire via cctalk wrote:
> Imagen .. yes. The printer we had was a Cannon engine, the same one HP
> used. All our work was for 8-1/2"x11" and its 300DPI
> was good enough for our use.
> LBP8 ?

The Canon CX mechanism was used by many companies.
Some, such as Apple Laserwriter (Postscript) and HP Laserjet (PCL) used an 
added controller in the case.
For a brief while, the LaserWriter was the fastest, most powerful computer 
in Apple's limeup.  If you are crazy enough, You can communicate directly 
with it and program in Postscript (similar to Forth)

Others, such as Cordata/"Corona Data Systems" (software refuses to run on 
286 and above), Jetscript, J-laser, Eiconscript (Laserjet and Postscript 
emulation), Imagen?, ...
used a brain-dead engine, with controller in the host and connected with a 

The Printerworks CX (and for some others, their SX) catalog, if you can 
find a dead-tree copy, is an essential reference.

Printerworks claims that their improved drum and improved toner solves the
inadequate black-fill problem that caused many to switch to SX based 

If you run into a PURPLE CX printer, that's the Fedex "Zap Mail", which is 
modified for 415spi, instead of 300

BTW, for yellowed plastic, Printerworks suggests
Sherman Williams poly-urethane paint, color S63EXH4300

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