ISO: TIPL757A transistor or equivalent

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Mon Jan 22 13:18:50 CST 2018

Hi all --

I'm in the middle of repairing a console for a Symbolics 3640.  This uses
the earlier Phillips-based monitor and it employs a TIPL757A transistor in
the deflection circuit.  The one in mine is toast and I haven't been able
to find a suitable replacement.

The datasheet (or at least a page of it) is here:

The base current rating seems to be important in this application; I tried
replacing it with a BUX48 (which meets the other specs but only has a 4A
continuous base current rating) and it blew in a few minutes.  I haven't
found a source of 757As, and I haven't found another TO-3 transistor that
matches its specifications.

If anyone's sitting on a pile of these, knows a good source for them, or
knows of a transistor to substitute, please let me know.


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