question on hp9000/310

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Mon Jan 22 14:13:06 CST 2018

> The 310 has no space for an internal disk unit. It is possible to 
> install HP-UX but it might depend on the amount of memory in the 
> system. There is diskette images for a version of HP-UX that runs on a 
> 310 at, If you 
> need more memory I have a few 128K and 1MB cards as well as one 4MB card 
> that are extras. I also have a 332 system board that was designed as 
> an upgrade to the 310. It replaces the 310 system board and has a 16MHz 
> 68030 processor , 2MB of memory expandable to 8MB and a 68882 math 
> coprocessor.

My 9000/350 runs HP/UX happily, but it has an external HP 6000 670H hard
disk. The damn thing is a tank. Kicking it is more likely to damage your

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