Sun3 valuations?

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Mon Jan 22 17:06:51 CST 2018

So did we ever get an answer to the original question (the value of
a Sun3)? All I saw was 'you'd have to pay to recycle them'.

    > From: Grant Taylor

    >> Before that, if you were lucky enough to be at Stanford, MIT, or CMU,
    >> you could use the Dover and Altos that were part of Xerox's University
    >> Grant Program.

    > What made the Dover and Altos special in this context?

Sorry, I don't understand the question. (I assume you're not simply asking
'what made the Dover and Altos special'.) Which context? (As in 'what's the
connection between the Sun3 query, and Dovers and Altos'? If so, I think it
was just thread drift via the laser printers.)

    > This is the 2nd time I've heard about 3 Mbps Ethernet. 

That's the 'original' Ethernet; PARC did the 3Mbit one first, and the 10 Mbit
one came along quite a few years later.

I'm trying to remember what kind of cable it used; IIRC it was black coax,
with a woven shield (i.e. not solid like CATV), not quite as large in
diameter as the yellow 10Mbit stuff. To connect up to it, one clamped on a
connector thingy, which had a threaded hole in it over the cable; one then
screwed in a cylindrical cutter which made a hole through the shield, and one
then screwed in a transceiver (which was a box about 2"x2"x4", IIRC).
Hopefully someone has a picture somewhere?


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