Sun3 valuations?

Al Kossow aek at
Mon Jan 22 17:36:10 CST 2018

On 1/22/18 3:06 PM, Noel Chiappa via cctalk wrote:

> I'm trying to remember what kind of cable it used; IIRC it was black coax,
> with a woven shield (i.e. not solid like CATV), not quite as large in
> diameter as the yellow 10Mbit stuff. To connect up to it, one clamped on a
> connector thingy, which had a threaded hole in it over the cable; one then
> screwed in a cylindrical cutter which made a hole through the shield, and one
> then screwed in a transceiver (which was a box about 2"x2"x4", IIRC).
> Hopefully someone has a picture somewhere?

It's 75 ohm cable TV impedence (RG11?)

I use RG-59 and BNCs for my Alto networks at CHM.
You can pull the stingers off of the silver transceiver boxes easily and replace it with a
BNC female socket.

I've got a chunk of the orange plenum stuff with the vampire taps and terminators in storage.

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