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>> From: Grant Taylor
>> What makes the copies of papers printed on them special?
> Well, the Dover was the first device (that I know of) that could print _very_
> high-quality graphical/multi-font output, and on ordinary paper. It was also
> pretty darned fast - a couple of seconds per sheet, IIRC. The whole package
> just blew us all away (I was a MIT when we got ours).
> There was a prior device (from quite a few years before) called a 'Xerox
> Graphics Printer', but i) IIRC it printed on thermal paper (think
> poor-quality thermal fax paper); ii) the resolution was nothing like as high
> as that of the Dover (which was, IIRC, in the 100's of DPIs - which it needed
> to produce the very-high quality printout with type-faces), and iii) it was
> quite slow.

The XGP printed on roll paper.  It was a laser type process and used a modified
Xerox copy engine.  It had a cutter to cut the roll paper to size (computer controlled
natch).  The cutter caused *no* end of troubles.

AFAIR it wasn’t particularly slow given the output quality.  Ours at CMU was
driven by an 11/45.  All of the CMU docs produced by the CS department were
printed by the XGP (and typeset by Scribe).  I still have various docs (including
my copy of the Hydra Songbook) and they look quite good.

TTFN - Guy

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