Sun3 valuations?

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Mon Jan 22 19:14:14 CST 2018

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>> From: Guy Sotomayor Jr
>> The XGP printed on roll paper. It was a laser type process
> Plain paper? Well, my memory of it being thermal paper could easily be wrong;
> it's been a _long_ time, and I didn't use it much.

It’s been longer for me!  ;-)

But I *did* use it *a lot* when I was there.

Missed using it until one of my co-workers at IBM started “playing” with an IBM 4250
electro-erosion printer (I believe it was 600dpi H and 600dpi V).  It used aluminized
mylar (rolls again) — hence the electro erosion.  He wrote a bunch of SW for it and
ran it off of his PC-AT (at the time) and could produce “camera ready” results.  You
could also do limited print runs (100-500 copies) directly from resultant mylar.  Very
cool device…not really fast though.

TTFN - Guy

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