Sun3 valuations?

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Mon Jan 22 19:52:47 CST 2018

Value . If it was in/near where I live a 3/50 with a good display would be
.... oh $100. Finding a monochrome jug would be the biggest issue.


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>> On 01/22/2018 04:06 PM, Noel Chiappa via cctalk wrote:
>>> So did we ever get an answer to the original question (the value of a
>>> Sun3)? All I saw was 'you'd have to pay to recycle them'.
>> I've not seen an answer to that question.  I have seen multiple people
>> raise their virtual hand in interest.  But no discussions of $ other than
>> disposal fees.
> I did mention mine came free.  I also did sell my systems in the late 80s
> for some amount.  I think the answer will be relative to who is collecting
> them and their budget.  At least on this list that didn't seem to be many..
> As I said I'd be glad to help you make yours have value if you want my
> system, or the tapes.
> Al said he was open to offers for his system, which, by the way sounds
> like the 4/xxx system I had. A historical note on my system, might have
> been true of Al's depending on history too, Hamilton pre merger had a group
> which bought some of these systems, which were in my case in a 6' cabinet
> similar to the Dec H960 in size, and used them as systems for doing pal and
> other utility work.
> At out local Hamilton office in Orange County, where mine came from, they
> would let people come in and get accounts and use them for whatever they
> needed, usually by convincing the two local guys that you had something
> that would result in Hamilton selling some product.
> As to value, I'd say with the tape, my system should be worth a couple
> hundred.  No disks, but should have SCSI controller.  The tapes being the
> thing adding value.  That is with it in the state of a project machine.
> Add in the monitors and have it restored, I'd say 1000 to 1500 would be a
> reasonable asking price.
> Worth noting my 3/260 has a monochrome graphics port, so one would have a
> very large and power hungry Sunos 3 or Sunos 4 graphics station.  I think I
> have the Hitachi monitors that went with the system.
> Thanks
> Jim

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