Ethernet cable (Was: Sun3 valuations?)

Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at
Tue Jan 23 10:10:31 CST 2018

If you didn't locate the transceivers on those black marks you would
have had terrible performance as that affects collisions.  Timing (among
other things like grounding) was very important with that version of
ethernet hardware.


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    > From: Grant Taylor

    > According to the following page, it was not RG-8 cable ... As such it
    > was purpose built.

The 10MBit cable, yes; it was custom (you can see 'Ethernet' printed on the
chunk in the picture). (I'd forgotten about the black stripes! I'm not sure
we really bothered to follow that.)

The earlier 3Mbit I'm not so sure about - that has the air of standard
commercial coax.

I wish there was a picture of a 3Mbit transceiver, clamp-on holder, etc! Does
the CHM or LCM have them with their Alto stuff?


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