SCSI Controller Hanging...

Jack Harper harper at
Tue Jan 23 10:33:09 CST 2018

Greetings to the List from the Snowy Rocky Mountains.

Beautiful clear sunny day here at +9F :)

The SCSI controller on the 68K development system (VMEbus) that I 
have cobbled together occasionally hangs after I reset one of the 
processor boards (there are four MVME177-005 68060 boards in the VME rack).

The hang then happens when my software touches the SCSI drives via 
the ROM'd 68K/Bug I/O primitives and the hang will not go away even 
after another reset until I cycle power.

I have never before dealt with SCSI as a programmer - does this sound 
like something is configured incorrectly?

There is not much to configure.

I point out that I am not certain that I have the termination 
resistors correct.


I appreciate any advice.


Evergreen Colorado

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