Keyboard "enthusiasts"

Guy Sotomayor ggs at
Tue Jan 23 11:35:34 CST 2018

…are the bane of my existence and should all rot in hell.

Sorry, I just received an email from a “keyboard enthusiast” who was looking for
various IBM 327x keyboards and wanted to know if I could help him and I needed
to vent a little.

I sent him a polite “no way in hell” response but I’m still angry about it.  These 
terminals are hard enough to find.  And more often than not, the keyboard is
missing because some “enthusiast” thought it would be cool to convert it to a PC
keyboard.  ARG!  And of course the keyboards that they want are the “typewriter”
keyboards (all of my 3278 terminals have the “data entry keyboard”).

TTFN - Guy

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