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I have an Apollo here with an 8" drive and I'm hunting for an 8" Domain
media set so I can reinstall the OS.
If you get them to me I can image them and send images to Al.

- Ian

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> > On Jan 23, 2018, at 9:33 AM, jim stephens via cctalk <
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> > The real work was done in the back rooms @ Mission control, with certain
> features implemented on the systems onboard the rocket.
> >
> > You couldn't carry out a mission w/o the ground supporting either system
> with computations to the onboard systems.  You didn't punch in the address
> of the moon on any system onboard the rocket, you got pre-computed
> parameters from ground  computations that the flight computers carried out.
> That’s exactly what I was trying to point out. What we have is a
> relatively small piece of the entire puzzle. People seem to think that just
> because a few versions of CM and LM software exist all is saved and done,
> but it’s really only the user interface to a much larger stack. You can't
> just fire up the AGC and push the “land on the moon” button. You can run it
> by itself and look at the idle loop or display the clock but getting it to
> actually DO anything close to its original tasks requires input from a lot
> of missing pieces. We aren’t trying to just run it in a box, that’s been
> done. We’re making it FLY.
> > I'm not getting your "absolutely wrong" part.
> He said "The Saturn IBM firmware is lost, but was under command of the LM
> and CM computers”. This is absolutely wrong. It was the other way around.

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