ISO 9816 small keyboard

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Tue Jan 23 13:51:07 CST 2018

On 2018-01-23 3:24 PM, Marc Verdiell via cctalk wrote:
> Would the small keyboard be the same as the one on the "Munchkin" 2382A terminal? They appear on ebay regularly.
> There is one right now, but at a completely unreasonable price.
> Marc
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>   Hi Al,
> What 9816 parts are required to run it?  Do you already have the 9816 and 9121 drive?  Also, is there a copy of CP/M-68K available somewhere for download?
> Dave
>      On Monday, January 22, 2018, 1:13:08 PM CST, Al Kossow via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
>   I acquired a copy of CP/M-68K and am trying to pull together the parts for a 9816 to run it. I have Nimitz keyboards, but would like to find its little brother that matches the size of the 9816
The keyboard technology looks the same but the layout is different. The 
terminal case looks to be the same as the 9816 too.


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