Experimental Ethernet, XGP, etc.

Mark Kahrs mark.kahrs at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 12:35:53 CST 2018

A few notes:

The experimental Ethernet speed was in fact 2.94 MHz: It's the Alto clock
divided by 2.

The Alto based printer was called "SLOT" -- Scanning Laser Output
Terminal.  It was plugged into the Alto backplane and presented itself as a
hardware peripheral controlled by microcode (as was the case for all Alto
I/O).  It was an Alto task, of course.

The vampire tap transceiver used RG-8 cable originally.  That's before they
added the lines around the cable and added additional shielding.

The XGP was used at the Stanford AI Lab and was, as mentioned early, a dry
process.  And it did use a roll of paper.

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