Ethernet cable (Was: Sun3 valuations?)

Grant Taylor cctalk at
Tue Jan 23 15:06:05 CST 2018

Nice story.

On 01/23/2018 01:51 PM, Pete Lancashire via cctalk wrote:
> Today one would never get away with such ....

I don't know.  I've had to mine out quite a bit of old cable that was 
abandoned in place to make room for new installations.  Frequently the 
building owners were more than happy to see it disappear in a fashion 
that meant that I didn't have to bill them for my time to pull it out.

Day 1:  Man, we have to move get this crap out of the way so that we can 
do our install.
Day 2:  Meetings.  (While interested parties pull out the cable and 
leave a surprise.)
Day 3:  Hay, I thought you said that we needed to mine something.  I it 
looks like clear haul.  ...and someone left a pull string that we can 
use.  Suckers.  ;-)

Grant. . . .
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