Experimental Ethernet, XGP, etc.

Paul Koning paulkoning at comcast.net
Tue Jan 23 15:22:00 CST 2018

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>> The cable spec given in the Ethernet standard doesn't mention additional shielding.  It does differ from RG-8 in that it calls for foam dielectric and a higher velocity factor (0.77 rather than 0.66).  Another common difference (not required by the spec) is that RG-8 is polyethylene while Ethernet coax is usually PTFE.
> FWIW, here is a spec sheet for Belden 89880 Thicknet 10BASE5 cable,
> which apparently DEC used for their part number 17-00324-00 cable.
> https://catalog.belden.com/techdata/EN/89880_techdata.pdf <https://catalog.belden.com/techdata/EN/89880_techdata.pdf>

Yes, that looks like the stuff.  A smoky orange color due to the translucent jacket.  I once saw at DEC a run of prototype cable, which was bright yellow with black stripes.  Perhaps polyethylene jacket, which would explain why it was changed before becoming a product -- that was right around the time when the "plenum rated" cable specs were appearing.


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