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> In their defense (and yes, I think they are awful no good people), I guess
> you can't fault them too much since up until fairly recently a quality
> mechanical keyboard was either too expensive or practically impossible to
> source for a modern computer, what with the obsession with flat square
> keycaps with next to no travel, etc. At least now we are starting to get
> some decent lower cost options in the marketplace as new. Maybe these new
> keyboards will dissuade people from destroying rare artifacts.

Also - I should add the vendor at VCF SE did have new keyboards to sell
too, I think he was thinking the vintage people would like to see some
vintage keyboards to buy, and perhaps to marry back to their original
systems.  I also think a lot of keyboard enthusiasts have no idea that
there is a historically-significant computer associated with the keyboard.
Ignorance is a factor.

I have come upon batches of keyboards with no machines in my travels, and I
have a few IBM terminal keyboards (newer type M's), but no one seemed to
want them unless I removed the RJ jack and put in a PS/2 jack.


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