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Tue Jan 23 18:13:24 CST 2018

When  out and  about when I saw a keyboard with some unworldly number of  function keys  on it ( I recall one  with 3  rows of them... and other oddities ) I   got and stashed them.... now  to find them..   
 We are stating a  move to  convert  boxed of  weird  odds and ends  stuff ( in the computer  area,  general science area, teletype area and radio area)  to  $$$   for  re-roofing  buildings... and completing half  completed  groups of things into  finished  displays.... all this  stuff is   fun and neat  but  time  to focus  some  I think...
what is the  market  on odd keyboards? 
thx  Ed# 
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> Did anyone attend VCF South East this past year, there was a large table
> run by a keyboard vendor. Just keyboards, laid out like tusks from poached
> elephants.

Lol! I love it.

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