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Tue Jan 23 18:17:16 CST 2018

Al said:
> On 1/23/18 11:01 AM, Ian Finder via cctalk wrote:
>> I too have always enjoyed the analogy to ivory poachers.
> Those are computer front panel collectors.

Sometimes this has a good outcome: a couple of years ago I acquired a slimline 11/10 with a
home-made front switch panel, the original presumably souvenired in the distant past.
When it arrived, I realised it was an early production model with the cast Mazak lower bezel
without the air slots. This is the version shown in the 11/05 handbook photographs.

Last December an early 11/10 console with the unpainted cast DIGITAL logo and lower black
trim stripe under the switches appeared on the usual auction site, so I was very keen to
acquire it, which I managed to, and after finding some of the correct # screws and star washers
it's now with the rest of the machine.
It's a nice feeling to get a console back onto the rest of the computer and even nicer to have
the chronologically correct one as well.
The advesive tape holding the plastic nomenclature strip on had perished, and on the reverse side
of the strip is written in pencil '2-73' which would match the era.


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