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Sorry I was so late on this thread. I that it would be interesting to note that I had a neighbor that was a scrapper. He'd used a jig and a band saw to remove the tantalum capacitors and ICs from the boards. One day he had a number of STD buss boards I happened to notice one of the parts he was stripping. It was a 80187 co-processor. I told him that even if he melted this part down, it would only have 5 cents worth of gold in it. At that time they were selling on ebay for $100+ ea. I told him that it wouldn't hurt to look up some of the going prices for some of the chips on ebay. He had 10 of these parts. He told me that it wasn't worth his time to look these up. A different mind set than me.

How many Mac's do you see on ebay with no keyboard?


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> > Really, is this any worse than the gold bugs scrapping whole systems for
> > the prospective precious metal content?
> It seems worse to me because the gold bugs are ignorant and greedy but the
> keyboardists are “computer people” and should know better.
> Also as far as I know the gold bugs don’t deliberately target rare systems
> for their rarity.
Thanks, Daniel, for this succinct differentiation!

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