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It's  not just on ebay. I asked fellow collectors on 68kmla about their 
machine to keyboard/mouse ratio and they all had more machines then 
keyboards. Sooner or later machines will be useless because there are not 
enough keyboards and mice to go around.

While I keep stacks of mac keyboards and mice in the garage and a stack of 
AT and IBM Model M keyboards in the house I have very few USB keyboards for 
more modern machines in my collection (mostly because by the time USB 
keyboards were common they were cheap junk). Most of the PS/2 keyboards made 
were also junk but I kept a few that were machine specific. I just use a KVM 
with a USB to PS/2 adapter and a Model M keyboard plus USB Microsoft Optical 
mouse (optical mice are better then the old ones with balls). I even keep 
old ball mice around for that vintage feel and to match my systems (and 
those do wear out). Amiga mice for one are pretty hard to find especially 
the A1000 models with the angled plug.

I don't have a problem with people stealing keyboards and junking systems 
when in all likelyhood the whole thing would get scrapped anyway. Many of 
the local machines I have saved over the years were just too heavy to ship 
and worthless at the time so they would have ended up in a dump anyway. How 
many terminal collectors are there now compared to ten years ago or 20 when 
terminal were more common? As keyboards are going up in value I suspect that 
they just keep getting traded around kind of like computers themselves 
(people buy them get bored and flip or trade them).

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How many Mac's do you see on ebay with no keyboard?


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> > Really, is this any worse than the gold bugs scrapping whole systems for
> > the prospective precious metal content?
> It seems worse to me because the gold bugs are ignorant and greedy but the
> keyboardists are “computer people” and should know better.
> Also as far as I know the gold bugs don’t deliberately target rare systems
> for their rarity.
Thanks, Daniel, for this succinct differentiation!

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