IBM 3101 keyboard - was Re: Keyboard "enthusiasts"

Santo Nucifora santo.nucifora at
Wed Jan 24 13:50:45 CST 2018

Hi Ian,

I have a keyboard that looks similar but it's in several pieces because I
am currently in the process of restoring it.  The barrel plate (the plate
that holds the beam spring switches in place) and exterior needs paint.
This was very rusty and in rough shape when I got it but I'd love to see it
in use (if I can't find a 3101 terminal).  I also took the beam spring
switches apart and cleaned them up.  It is in need of final restoration but
I can't paint until summer now (or get it sent out).

Send me a message off-list and I'll take some pics.  Are there variations
to the 3101 terminal?  I'm not sure this particular keyboard is the right
one you need but if you have the IBM part number, I can check.

I am not the Canadian guy that Cindy sold those keyboards to but I can only
imagine what they went for. I now tend to buy these IBM keyboards first
(when they happen to come up) and match up the terminal later.  Doing it
the other way around just doesn't work any more.  I think this particular
model is sought after because it has the beam spring key switches and is
"slim line" compared to most other beam spring keyboards.  It also has
enough keys to have a decent PC layout, unfortunately.


On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 2:06 PM, Ian Primus via cctalk <
cctalk at> wrote:

> Well, let me know if you find another one. Or, if anyone else has one
> they'd be willing to part with for reasonable money. The regular 3278
> type keyboards won't work on an IBM 3101 - and those are a lot more
> common. The one I need looks like this:
> It has the configuration switches to set the baud rate and such under
> that panel at the top.
> Without this particular keyboard, the terminal I have is useless - you
> can't even have it just receive/display data, since the configuration
> switches are in the keyboard.

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