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Wyse 60 keyboards work out of the box as USB with a converter sold by Orihalcon on ebay.
So do all IBM terminals with an 8 pin connector or any other IBM terminal keyboard (but not beamsprings).
The converters cost about $35-40 each. I use them to test all the terminal boards that I sell.

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> Ugh. Don't get me started. I collect terminals. Missing keyboards is a 
> perennial problem, but it's gotten WAY worse in recent years.

I went a little crazy and started doing the same in 2017 to dump the firmware for MAME. There are now several working there because of that.

I ended up scrapping most of them in the fall because they were taking up too much space, and there was no chance of ever finding keyboards for them (esp the Qume ones).

I bought some Wyse kbs thinking I'd make a converter box, but then just decided what's the point.

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