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That came off of the original import from Dave's old registry. I've still
got to go through and approve the new submissions, planning on doing that
this weekend, as well as adding a few of my own!


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> I’d like to thank whoever it was who added the Abit K8V Pro/Winbond
> W83627HF with its test results to the TESTFDC page for writing SSSD disks.
> I’ve been trying to get a similar setup going for a fortnight now and last
> week found this motherboard on e*ay for Not Many UK Pounds. Coupled with a
> scrap Athlon64 system from work and a scratched Windows98 CD I eventually
> got it going earlier and can now read/write single density floppies meaning
> I can archive the disks I got with my Research Machines 380Z :D
> Typical of my luck a contact has also found an Adaptec 1522A that he’ll
> hopefully send me too, then I’m covered for all eventualities.
> Now where did I put that 8” drive...
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