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Sat Jan 27 15:55:56 CST 2018

On Sat, 27 Jan 2018, Adrian Graham via cctalk wrote:

> I?d like to thank whoever it was who added the Abit K8V Pro/Winbond W83627HF 
> with its test results to the TESTFDC page for writing SSSD disks. I?ve been 
> trying to get a similar setup going for a fortnight now and last week found 
> this motherboard on e*ay for Not Many UK Pounds. Coupled with a scrap 
> Athlon64 system from work and a scratched Windows98 CD I eventually got it 
> going earlier and can now read/write single density floppies meaning I can 
> archive the disks I got with my Research Machines 380Z :D

    I'm also using the K8V Pro for my imaging system.  I've successfully made 
bootable disks for all sorts of SD and DD systems.

> Now where did I put that 8? drive...

    I'm using a Tandon 848 on mine.

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