3 computing events

Murray McCullough c.murray.mccullough at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 19:16:49 CST 2018

Three ‘computing’ events are happening:

1)      The i-Pad was introduced by S. Jobs 8 yrs. ago and defined a ‘new’
computing paradigm for the masses. The reason I mention this event is
because a young friend(20 yrs. old) said “That’s ancient computing!” What
is one to make of classic-computing then?

2)      Bitcoin mining – The energy usage is extreme because of GPUs. Was
16-bit computer era, employing the 80287, such an energy hog?

3)      INTEL doesn’t seem to have been hurt by Meltdown & Specture
financially- speaking. Had excellent earnings and profits for the last
quarter but ‘may’ change this quarter. However, INTEL marches on going from
4004 to 7980XE. AMD was/in the picture but financially-wise…

Happy computing all!

Murray  J

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