Can you run Apple Lisa Workshop and LIsa OS on the same Hard-drive?

Ray Arachelian ray at
Sun Jan 28 10:11:58 CST 2018

On 01/28/18 06:09, corey cohen via cctalk wrote:
> Or do I need an external profile for my 2/10 if I want to still use LOS. 

Sure, it's possible for LOS to coexist with LPW on the same hard drive,
and you can use that to build LOS apps in LPW, then restart and use them
in LOS.

Installation instructions can be found on page "1-3" of:

There's an option to share space with MacWorks, I don't think you'll
want to do that as you probably won't have enough space for all 3.

If you have a dual parallel port card, you could get upto two more
ProFile drives, or you could get an X/Profile or IDEfile.

I'd backup your LOS documents to floppies before installing LPW just to
be sure you don't lose them.

Once you do this, when you boot, you'll get this "Lisa Environments"
selector screen:
(from )

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