A couple of RL02 questions

Marc Howard cramcram at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 22:56:08 CST 2018

I've got two RL02 units.  One is a parts unit and has an access plate for
the door solenoid.  I can open it.  The other has no access plate nor is
there a cutout for one.  How do I open this cover with the power off?  This
is a newer unit as it has head lock screws on the bottom of the drive.

The second question has to do with rack mounting.  I want to mount this in
a H960 cabinet but will obviously need to slide it out to replace packs.
All the unit has is a thin rail on both sides that is riveted to the unit.
It looks like chassis slides were there originally.  Does anyone have
either the DEC part # for the slides or a contemporary part # for one that
will work?



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