Computer Museum in Brno, CZ

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Mon Jan 29 06:56:50 CST 2018

I was at a small technical conference last weekend ( at
the Faculty of Informatics, Brno Masaryk University.

What I didn't know is that it has its own small museum of computing.

I enjoyed it a lot. There's a good range of Sinclair kit and clones,
including various real ZX Spectrum machines (48, Plus, 128 with
vanishingly rare numeric keypad, Plus 2, Plus 2A, Plus 3, Interface 1
and Microdrives, MGT +D, Opus Discovery) and clones including Soviet
(Orel BK-08), Polish (CZ Spectrum 48) and Czechoslovakian (Didaktik
Gama, Kompakt and Kompakt M, with rare built-in 3½" floppy drive) and
a SAM Coupé. There are other Czechoslovak machines, micros and minis
and mainframe parts.

They have an HP 3000, a PDP-11/34 and multiple RL02s, with both VT-120
and VT-220) and a Soviet PDP-11 clone.

Mechanical and early electronic calculators.

And a mediaeval clock!

In the unlikely even folk are passing, it's well worth a visit. I
spent a happy couple of hours in there.

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