QSIC update - v6 Unix boots and runs

David Bridgham dab at froghouse.org
Mon Jan 29 16:09:43 CST 2018

> That sounds pretty awesome.  Good job there!

Thanks.  Feeling good today after a bit of frustration with development
not going faster.

> Do you know how hard it would be to take this design and make a UNIBUS
> version?  I have an 11/34 languishing under the bench in my hardware
> lab and one of the principal reasons for the languishing is that I
> don't have any drives to go with it.

Our plan is to produce a Unibus board as well, we just chose the QBUS
first.  A Unibus version of the hardware ought to be a fairly
straightforward adaptation of the QBUS board while the QBUS modules in
Verilog will just have to be replaced with Unibus versions.  The busses
work pretty similarly so we're expecting that to also be relatively
straightforward.  Yeah, I've told myself that before.  :-)

For the Unibus (actually, this should work with Q18 QBUS systems as
well), we plan to also implement the Able ENABLE+ functionality which
would give 11/70 size memory.  We'll have some SDRAM onboard that we'll
use for RAM disks but we'll carve out 4MB of that for machine memory and
include mapping tables to access it.  This will, of course, require you
to modify your OS to support this non-standard memory.  Noel has already
done so for v6 Unix.

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