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Tue Jan 30 13:22:50 CST 2018

On 30/01/2018 15:17, Tapley, Mark via cctalk wrote:

> Does Isopropyl alcohol (um, same as propan-2-ol?) at 60C have enough vapor pressure to be a flammability issue?

Yes.  The boiling point of IPA is a little over 80C, and the flash point 
of 70% - 80% IPA (which would be a common strength) is much lower than 
60C; depending on the concentration, it would be not much more than 20C. 
  It's similar to ethanol in that regard.

 > Should it be done only under a fume hood, or something like that?

Maybe, certainly for even small quantities make sure there are no flames 
or sparks nearby.

Pete Turnbull

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