Bluebox boards, anyone?

David Griffith dave at
Wed Jan 31 07:04:28 CST 2018

Would anyone like a bluebox PCB or two?

This project was inspired by Don Froula's ProjectMF[1] in which he 
presents a PIC-based bluebox[2] and PCB (handed out at HOPE in 2008).  A 
big reason I like AVRs more than PICs is because the development software 
is OSS and free.  So I reimplemented Don's bluebox in C for an AVR 
ATtiny85.  The PCB started off an a drop-in replacement, but evolved into 
something designed to fit into a Hammond 1591XXM box instead of 
functioning as a lid for a Radio Shack 230-1801 box.  The Hammond box also 
comes in transluscent blue!

The firmware code[3] is done.  I just have to do some tweaks once some 
test PCBs[4] are made because on the prototype, I wired up the keypad a 
bit strangely.  The code implements a 13-key bluebox, a DTMF keypad, a 
redbox for US, Canada, and UK, greenbox, and 2600 dial pulse.  The PCB 
needs work to correct some early design decisions that turned out to be 


David Griffith
dave at

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