Lars Brinkhoff lars at
Wed Jan 31 13:27:45 CST 2018

Al Kossow wrote:
>> 10,000 TTL IC'S
>> 3 MIPS
> Was this ever built? 10K ICs would have been bigger than the Livermore S-1.

This says the Superfoonly was designed.  Doesn't say it was actually
built.  Triple-I funded the construction of the updated design, the F1.

  "The original superfoonly was designed at Stanford, on an ARPA
  contract, but Dave Poole, Phil Pettit, and Jack Holloway. There was
  also a fourth whose role (I think) was to build the CAD system which
  was used for the design. He later went to work for DEC. DEC took the
  foonly design and lobotomized it, which became the KL10. The other
  three came to Triple-I with a proposal to build an updated version of
  the original design (using ECL instead of TTL).

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