where to find ZCPR2, ZCPR3, ZCPR33, ZCPR34?

Eric Smith spacewar at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 13:46:03 CST 2018

On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 9:29 PM, <wrcooke at wrcooke.net> wrote:

> On January 30, 2018 at 3:21 PM Eric Smith via cctalk wrote:
> Now I'm still looking for ZCPR2, ZCPR33, and ZCPR34.
> I believe you will find this site:
> http://www.znode51.de/indexe.htm
> useful.  I could be wrong, but I think it has the most up to date zcpr
> software.

That site has NZ-COM and Z3PLUS, but I've dug through it and cannot find
ZCPR2, ZCPR33, or ZCPR34. It's possible that they are there somewhere and I
just didn't find them.

Apparently NZ-COM and Z3PLUS are based on ZCPR34, but are fancy
auto-installing things with no source code, whereas what I'm looking for is
the original ZCPR2, 33, and/or 34 distributions that included source code.

Best regards,

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