Sneak peak: this year's VCF PNW/East/West shirt design

Fred Cisin cisin at
Wed Jan 31 15:22:30 CST 2018

>>> I think it would be helpful if Evan and co. chimed in with the context 
>>> of the shirt and why it exists- maybe a bit more about who the guy on 
>>> it is.

On Wed, 31 Jan 2018, Evan Koblentz via cctalk wrote:
> Fair enough.
> It's a caricature of Dan Roganti aka Ragooman on this list, VC Forum, 
> various Apple and S-100 forums, etc.
> Dan drew most of the early VCF East shirts in a certain style. Everyone 
> liked those. Now he's going through a tough time (not my place to 
> elaborate here), so we decided to make a shirt in his honor, using the 
> same style.

If it's not too late to make changes, could you put "Ragooman" on a 
nametag, desk nameplate, a disk label, or on a book or other item in the 
I had just assumed that it was a generic person.
Being in honor of a specific person changes a lot, although how many 
people would recognize that without some hints?

> My favorite parts are the cat and the robot.

Those are good.
I still stand by my suggestions, a jar of caps, maybe an Escher fork, etc.
I'm sorry that you didn't think that those suggestions were very positive.

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