Sneak peak: this year's VCF PNW/East/West shirt design

Evan Koblentz cctalk at
Wed Jan 31 14:44:16 CST 2018

>> Gene wrote...
>> Yeah, agreed. No.
>> Fred wrote...
>>> The "nuts" and "bolts" should be capacitors and chips.
>>> The squared off U shaped object nearest on the desk >should be 
>>> replaced by
>> an Escher Fork (aka impossible >trident).
>>> soldering iron and scope, instead of hammer.
>>> maybe some magic smoke escaping from whatever he >works on.
>>> inadequate clutter.
>>> howzbout some books and schematics
> On Wed, 31 Jan 2018, Jay West wrote:
>> Completely agreed (Fred). But by the time you add all that... it's too
>> detailed for a t-shirt. Actually, already is.
> Then, howzbout: leave out the guy.  He isn't "distinctive" enough to add 
> much.  Then just show a cluttered vintage computer collector workbench.

Guys -- with all due respect, we posted this as a preview, not a 
crowdsourced method to make a whole new design. :)

Most of the feedback we received is very positive.

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